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  • The Emperor and the Sage

    Things had been going from bad to worse. It’s that no matter how the emperor ruled, things turned out badly. There had been famines and wars throughout the land. There was even conflict within the household itself. The emperor’s many wives quarreled among themselves continually and his advisors stood in the great hall shaking their […]

  • Ba Gua Stepping and Rooting

    I should really call this getting your nervous system stabilized, and one of the best ways to build strength in your Root is to do the stepping of Ba Gua in a straight line at first. Whether you hold the Single Palm Change, Fire Palm, Water Palm, or you put your hands behind your back […]

  • The 2nd Fire Couple?

    So, I have thought long and hard about this, and really expect my thoughts here in the next few lines to become controversial. But here it goes anyway after years of reflection on the 2nd Fire coupled meridians, the Pericardium and San Jiao meridians. Oh boy, here it goes…it’s not really the Fire Element to […]

  • What are Acupuncture Points?

    “The center of the universe is underneath the tip of your needle, and it is communicating with the point.” Koei Kuwahara People often ask me, “What is an acupuncture point?” Another great question is, “How would you describe these acupuncture points?” In my experience and training in Japan, I came to realize blind acupuncturists know […]