Pulse Diagnosis

  • At the core of Pulse Diagnosis there is no technique anymore, just the spiritual ability to connect heart to heart with my client.

    “Diagnosis is created between the patient and the acupuncturist.”
    Sensei Koei Kuwahara

    To the degree we are spiritually willing to look within our hearts, and see our strengths and weaknesses with honesty and without any defensive ego, that is the same degree of diagnosis we are granted when we touch the pulses of our patients. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every healer to deal with and integrate their own shadow aspect of the psyche. When we come from this level of integrity and honesty, we can see more than just symptoms in the pulses of our client. We can begin to diagnose like a true master of the pulse. Otherwise the acupuncturist is using intellect to diagnose, instead of using our gifts of intuition and sensitivity.

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