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    I am honored to have become one of the few certified Hari instructors under the guidance of Koei Kuwahara. I am deeply honored to have been invited to Japan with Sensei Kuwahara to study with the Ki Shin Po Society in Kyoto, Japan. This is a society of blind master acupuncturists, and studies to Japan were by invitation only. I have travelled and spent time studying in the clinics with some highly respected Japanese masters of acupuncture. I have studied with Shudo Denmei, Masanori Tanioka, Tetsuhiro Shiomi, and my 1st teacher is Koei Kuwahara to whom I am most grateful. Without the benevolent teachings of these wonderful human beings, I would not be the person I am today. To quote all of these people, the most important trait of being an acupuncturist is to be a loving human being. I am privileged to teach and do hari here in America, but I am most grateful for the opportunity to help each patient I meet.

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